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Ni un día sin arte

Ni un dia sin arte was born as an Instagram profile (@niundiasinarte) where concepts related to the history of art are disseminated.

Its creator goes deep into the artistic world commenting on works and artists, more or less known, in a pleasant way and for all audiences.

The logo simulates the floor of an exhibition hall, its different rooms separate the syllables of the brand.

The blog shares the style created for the corporate entity, contains in addition to many interesting articles, a lot of images.

It is a living website that is continuously updated, for this reason the development on the WordPress platform was chosen, so that the person in charge had the freedom and ease necessary to manage the web independently.

Victor Yuri de Torres Monroy

Víctor Yuri de Torres Monroy

Owner of niundiasinarte

«No puedo estar más contento con el trabajo que realizó Isabel con mi página web haciendo todo lo que yo quería y superando completamente mis expectativas.
Bonita, minimalista a pesar de ser una web sobre arte, rápida e intuitiva. Y el trato es genial, abierta siempre a ayudarte, explicarte y conseguir lo que tienes en la cabeza.»

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