UX/UI Design

Pocket Office

A smart app for an optimized home office.

We started from the following briefing: the company that hired us is a robotic furniture startup from the MIT Media Lab. They wanted to promote the sale of one of their robotic furniture (Pocket Office) in Spain, using a direct shopping experience and the customer could customize the furniture.

The research phase provided us with a set of insights obtained through qualitative techniques (personal interviews) and quantitative techniques (surveys).

With this information we profiled both our user persona and the value proposition of the app.

The MVP helped us defined the essential features that the app would contain, materializing it in AI, flowcharts and wireframes.

From here we created the design system of the app with all its foundations. We developed more than 70 components with all their variants!

Finally, we prototyped the app and tested with users, with moderate and non-moderate tests.

They were part of the development of the project Isabel Crespo, María Albillos, Alejandro Duque and Laura Díez.

To read the detailed case study of the project click here.

Pocket Office App
Pocket Office Insights
Pocket Office Flows
Pocket Office Foundations